(1)  What if I want to expedite the repair and/or shipping of some product units, but not others?

If this is the case, we ask that you make separate Repair Orders. This makes it much easier to keep track of each unit. If you ship all the units in one package, we ask that you put ALL Repair Order #’s on the outside of the package.


(2)  What kinds of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover via our checkout system.


(3)  Can I place an order by another means besides the website?

Not directly. You may email us at service@idc-repairs.com to talk to one of our representatives about our repair services. We can answer your questions and direct you through the checkout process via the website.


(4)  Do you offer a warranty on your repair services?

Yes, we offer a 30 day limited warranty. If the repair fails due to defective parts or workmanship on our end, we will attempt to repair the unit, free of charge. Please notify us via email at service@IDC-Repairs.com within 30 days of the product being shipped from our facility.

In such a case, we ask that you pay for shipping the unit(s) to our facility. If IDC-Repairs.com agrees that the product unit falls under our warranty coverage, we will refund your actual shipping cost (up to $20 per package) and ship the repaired unit(s) back to you at no charge.


(5)  What does your limited warranty NOT cover?

Like most limited warranties, we only cover defects in the replaced parts or the workmanship of the repair performed. If the unit becomes damaged or inoperative due to abuse, improper installation or use, acts of God, physical damage, or a different part of the product is defective (unrelated to the previous repair), then our limited warranty does not apply.


(6)  How long does a repair typically take?

Many factors go into determining how long a repair will take. The complexities of diagnosing the issue(s), finding suitable replacement parts, variable repair labor time, volume of repairs, time of year, and many other factors go into estimating a repair time.

Although we cannot make any guarantees for our normal repair service, our goal is to have units repaired and deposited with our shipping carrier within 2-3 weeks after we receive the units to be repaired.

If you request expedited repair service on your Repair Order, then we guarantee that we will have your unit repaired and deposited with our shipping carrier within 5 business days. If we are unable to repair your unit within this timeframe, we promise to refund the full amount of the expedited repair cost, and we will still move your repairs “to the front of the line.” You will still be responsible for the flat-rate repair cost.


(7)  Do you sell parts or products?

No.  Although we may sell parts and/or products in the future, we are not doing so at this time.


(8)  What if any units I send you cannot be repaired?

If we determine that a unit either cannot be repaired by us, or would take an extraordinary amount of time to troubleshoot/repair, we will contact you. Depending on the circumstances, we can either attempt to troubleshoot or repair the unit for additional cost (this would be a rare occurrence), or we can send the unit(s) back to you for a flat rate of $30.00 each.


(9)  Do you accept other items for repair that are not listed on your website?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not.


(10)  Can you help me install, diagnose, or troubleshoot my product issues over the phone?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot.


(11)  Do you provide a discount for bulk repairs?

Yes. Email us at service@IDC-Repairs.com to discuss.


(12)  What are my shipping options?

For flat-rate repairs, UPS Ground Shipping or USPS Ground is free for each unit that is repaired.

For units we are unable to repair, there is a flat $30 per unit charge for return shipping to you.

Additional shipping options include UPS Second Day Air and UPS Next Day Air for an additional charge.


(13)  What are your fees?

Flat-Rate Repair Price

Flat-Rate:                                                                        Differs per product.

                                                                                           See “Price List” page on our website.

For product units repaired for a flat rate repair fee:

Shipping cost for UPS-Ground or USPS:                  No additional charge

Shipping cost for UPS Second Day Air:                    $30 per unit

Shipping cost for UPS Next Day Air:                         $60 per unit

For product units that were not repaired for any reason:

Shipping cost for UPS-Ground or USPS:                  $30 per unit

Shipping cost for UPS Second Day Air:                    $60 per unit

Shipping cost for UPS Next Day Air:                         $90 per unit

For all product units shipped by IDC-Repairs.com (whether repaired or not):

$5,000 Shipping Insurance:                                        $ at cost


(14)  How do I contact IDC-Repairs.com

Email:                   service@IDC-Repairs.com


(15)  How do I change my password?

Log out of your IDC-Repairs.com account. Then click on My Account and the “Lost your password?” link. Follow the instructions given.

















Last updated: August 23, 2017